jeudi 22 mars 2012

Creative chemistry 101 - Day 1

Hi there,

Have you heard of this class? This is on the online card classes website and it's fantastic (as were the previous classes...)

If you haven't signed up already, go go go, you'll have a lifetime acces to the class!
Learning thoses techniques and info from Tim Holtz is awesome. As I live in Belgium, I don't have the possibility to have a live class with him, but this online class is really amazing!

Well, as usual, I'm a little behind with my homeworks, but here's day 1 homework.
I did fine, but was unable to find out if Stazon is dye or pigment, nor if brilliance was water or oil based... anyone can help on that?

I already make two of the three tags for day 2, I'll try to post them later today. As I'm off work, I hope I can finish the third one and make those of day 3 as well.

Thanks for reading this


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